Cylinder Testing Services

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Cylinder testing services: Cylinder Thread Gauging.

Cylinder Thread Gauging

Cylinder testing: Valve Thread Gauging.

Valve Thread Gauging

Cylinder Testing Services

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We provide Periodic Inspection and Testing (PIAT) and Visual Inspection of Diving and related High Pressure Cylinders (Steel, Aluminium and Composite) to the relevant standards BS EN1802, BS EN1968, BS EN ISO11623 and BS EN ISO18119. We are an approved IDEST Test Centre (9S) and we can also provide additional refurbishment services including internal / external shot blasting and painting as required.

Cylinder testing services: Wall thickness measurement.

Wall Thickness Measurement

cylinder testing 04

Internal Inspection

Cylinder testing: Valve Ultrasonic Cleaning.

Valve Ultrasonic Cleaning

cylinder testing 06

Internal Shot Blasting

Cylinder testing: Cylinder Lowered into Test Jacket.

Cylinder Lowered into Test Jacket

Cylinder testing: Cylinder In Test Jacket.

Cylinder In Test Jacket

Cylinder testing: Test Panel Vented.

Test Panel Vented

Cylinder testing: Cylinder drying.


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External Shot Blasting

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cylinder testing 13

Stamping With Gun

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cylinder testing 15

Finished Steel Cylinder

cylinder testing 16

Finished Composite Cylinder

Cylinder testing: Certificate of IDEST Approval.

Certificate of IDEST Approval