Our Services

Innovation is key to our business

Our Services

Alongside the innovative range of standard products offered by Octopus Test Systems we also provide services to the markets we operate in as we realise not all solutions are ‘off the shelf’. To meet our clients’ needs we offer the following from our wealth of experience:-

Life Support Systems Design and Testing Consultancy
With over 16 years’ experience in the design and testing of life support systems in both the commercial and military diving markets Octopus Test Systems are well placed to advise on system developments from concept design, final solution testing and transition to products for the mass market. The capabilities range from basic SCUBA systems design, complex electronic closed circuit rebreathers and systems required to work in the extremes with depths in excess of 500m. Key system capabilities are:-

  • Rebreather and SCUBA system design
  • Non-magnetic system design and testing to STANAG 2897 / AEODP-7
  • Emergency breathing Systems
  • Deep Commercial life support systems (in-water and in-chamber/bell)

Experience of applicable standards is a strong capability we can offer and having been part of the British Standards Committee PH/4/7 Underwater Breathing Apparatus for over 10 years we provide a capability and experience second to none. Key standards we have experience in applying, preparation for CE certification, testing etc… are as follows:-

  • BS EN14143:2013 Respiratory equipment. Self-contained re-breathing diving apparatus
  • BS EN250:2014 Respiratory equipment. Open-circuit self-contained compressed air diving apparatus. Requirements, testing and marking
  • BS EN 15333-1:2008 Respiratory equipment. Open-circuit umbilical supplied compressed gas diving apparatus. Demand apparatus
  • BS EN 15333-2:2009 Respiratory equipment. Open-circuit umbilical supplied compressed gas diving apparatus. Free flow apparatus
  • NATO STANAG 2897 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment Requirements and Equipment
  • AEODP-7 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment Requirements and Equipment
  • NORSOK U101 – Diving Respiratory Equipment

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements info@octopus-ts.com

Bespoke Test Solutions
We realise the needs of our clients to test new products or systems might call for a test solution simply not yet available hence a bespoke solution is needed. Octopus Test Systems provides a responsive and flexible test system design service to allow your specific test needs to be met. If you have a specific requirement that is not available from our standard product line please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist with your requirements info@octopus-ts.com