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Hydrostatic Test Systems: Proof Method: Mini Cylinder Test Cabinet

For safe and efficient hydrostatic testing of smaller sized cylinders such as Emergency Breathing System (EBS), Inflation Systems and Spare Air cylinders. The system features a mild steel powder coated cabinet with clear protective window to safely observe cylinders for leakage and deformation during proof testing. A three cylinder manifold is fitted to the top of the cabinet allowing up to three cylinders to be tested simultaneously by the proof method with a stainless steel grated base plate for any excess water to drain down into the lower cabinet sump which is then piped to a suitable facility drain.

Compatible with our standard proof test panel for a wall mount system although console options also available. Cylinders are typically filled with freshwater then a test adaptor with high pressure quick connection fitted which is then connected to the manifold at the top of the cabinet. Once hydrostatic testing is complete cylinders are emptied via the stainless grate into the cabinet drain sump then to the facility drain or recycled.

System Features – Panel

  • Three cylinder manifold
  • Clear protective observation window
  • Rated to 500 bar test pressure
  • Lower drain tank
  • Wall or cabinet mount options available
  • Internal Cabinet light (optional)
  • Options for larger cabinets / additional cylinder manifolds
Part Number Description
HT08-A-0001 Panel, Hydro Test, For Mini-Cabinet, c/w HY-PAC
HT08-A-0002 Cabinet, Pressure Test, 3 Mini Cylinder Capacity


Proof method mini cylinder

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