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Hydrostatic Test Systems: Non-Jacket Method

For hydrostatic testing of diving and related high pressure cylinders, the system features a test panel and associated equipment. The system operates by hydrostatically pressurising the cylinder then measuring the volume of water expelled from the cylinder when the pressure is released to determine the permanent expansion. The control panel is manufactured from mild steel with a hard wearing powder coat finish, three burettes each with an isolation valve are mounted in a stainless steel panel assembly. Compliant for testing to all relevant standards including BS EN1802, BS EN1968 and BS EN ISO18119 when used with our latest addition HYPAC (Hydrostatic Pressure Automatic Cut-Off) to meet over–pressure control requirements.

Non Jacket Method

System Features – Panel

  • 100:1 ratio hydropump 700 bar output rated (system max 500bar)
  • 3 Burettes, each with isolation valves
  • 6” Master Gauge (with option of UKAS traceable calibration)
  • Working Gauge
  • Isolation Valves and Vent Valve
  • Mini-Core (NEW) Small Bore Flexible HP Hose for Panel to Cylinder Connection
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Automatic Cut-off, HY-PAC (Optional)


Part Number Description
HT02-S-001 Hydrostatic Test System, Non-Jacket Method
HT02-S-002 Hydrostatic Test System, Non-Jacket Method, c/w HY-PAC (UK Electrical Supply)
HT02-S-003 Hydrostatic Test System, Non- Jacket Method, c/w HY-PAC (Euro Electrical Supply)
Non jacket method 002

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