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Hydrostatic Test Systems: Dot Jacket Method

For safe and efficient hydrostatic testing of cylinders to DOT requirements (CGA C-1) the system features a moving burette panel, control panel and test jacket. The system operates by hydrostatically pressurising the cylinder inside the jacket which is also filled with water and the volumetric displacement of water in the jacket by cylinder expansion under pressure is then measured on the moving burette panel with any permanent expansion subsequently calculated to determine pass/fail.

Dot Jacket 002

The jacket and panel are manufactured from mild steel with a hard wearing powder coat finish, the moving burette panel is made from brushed stainless steel. The jacket features a flat lid with quick release clamps for rapid removal / engagement and a high pressure quick connection on the underside of the lid for connecting the cylinder for lifting and pressurising. The jacket is bolted to the floor with the moving burette and control panel wall mounted although console options are also available.

System Features

  • 100:1 ratio hydropump, 10,000 psi output
  • Quick release clamps on jacket lid
  • High pressure quick connect under jacket lid
  • Jacket burst disc
  • Jacket water supply & drain valves
  • Moving burette panel with 4 burettes
  • Customs sizes and test solutions available


Part Number Description
HT05-A-0001 Hydro System, DOT, Jacket 48.5” Lg, 13” ID, c/w Moving 4 x Burette, Control Panel 10,000psi – Wall mount
HT04-A-0001 Hydro System, DOT, Jacket 48.5” Lg, 18” ID, c/w Moving 4 x Burette, Control Panel 10,000psi – Wall mount
CUSTOM Custom Jacket sizes to suit your cylinders – Please contact us for price and lead time

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