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Cylinder Vice: Cylinder Vice Pro (Pneumatic)

The Cylinder Vice Pro (pneumatic) is an air driven version of the CV1000. A bench mounted V-style vice developed specifically for pressure cylinders to provide significant grip for activities such as valve removal and re-fitting/torqueing, stamping and boot removal with four rubber pads to protect all surfaces in contact with the vice. The robust but gentle action is also particularly forgiving on composite or freshly painted cylinders.

The flexible system can grip a range of cylinder sizes from 0.4 litres to 15 litres with the use of a standard spacer or for very small cylinders such as suit inflation (0.4 litres) a mini spacer is used. The system is made from powder coated mild steel with rubber base pads bonded to removable stainless steel plates. The clamping force is achieved by a vertical mount pneumatically operated piston with a simple clamp downwards or release upwards side mounted handle to operate. Requires a minimum 8 bar low pressure air supply.

Cylinder Vice Pro Pneumatic 001
Part Number Description
CC03-A-0001 Cylinder Vice Pro, Pneumatic, V-Clamp

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