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Shot Blasting: Internal Shot Blaster

Internal Shot Blaster: ISB1000

The ISB1000 provides a fast, effective internal shot blasting solution to remove surface rust, contamination and corrosion from high pressure cylinders.

It operates on the principle of a high pressure air supply combined with low pressure blast grit to provide a venturi action at the internal blast nozzle that rotates inside the cylinder with controlled vertical travel to provide full cylinder internal blast coverage in under 2 minutes.

The system is an evolution of the Birchley Products Internal Shot Blaster, proven in service for many years, with many improvements and a modular design to provide simplified operation and ease of servicing.

The key features of the system are as follows:

  • Rapid removal of rust, contamination and corrosion from all cylinder internal surfaces without removal of base material in under 2 minutes.
  • Closed, sealed system with all grit reclaimed into a dust bag in the upper reclaim chamber.
  • Blast power and vertical travel speed fully adjustable to deal with all levels of corrosion from light flash rust through to deep corrosion.
  • Small foot print allows system to be installed with minimal workshop space required.
Internal shot blaster ISB1000
Internal shot blaster ISB1000
Internal shot blaster ISB1000


The pressure cylinder (1) is inverted and placed on the neoprene seal and locked in place with the spider support. When locked in the support also provides a ‘stop’ on the carriage plate so the nozzle cannot contact the cylinder base upon full upward travel.

The lower pressure vessel (2) is filled with grit and pressurised to 5 bar via the control panel (3). The grit flows through the outlet hose (4) to the mixing pot (5) then up through the outer lance to the hardened nozzle (6).

A secondary venturi pressure supply feeds from the control panel to the mixing pot then up through the inner lance and meets the low pressure grit supply at the nozzle creating a venturi effect which provides the necessary grit velocity to achieve effective internal blasting.

Full internal cylinder coverage is achieved by a motorised carriage plate (7) which turns the nozzle, inner and outer lances to achieve constant rotation with axial travel driven upwards and downwards by a pneumatic piston (not shown) fully user controllable with axial speed control.

The grit is then reclaimed by gravity and low pressure in the cylinder driving the grit into the reclaim chamber (8) dust bag for collection with excess pressure being vented through the air filter (9).

Once the pressure vessel (2) is empty of grit the system is depressurised and the grit is gravity fed from the reclaim chamber back to the pressure vessel through a large ball valve.

How does internal shot blaster work