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Hydrostatic Test Systems: Proof Method

Proof Method

For hydrostatic testing of diving and related high pressure cylinders.

The system features a test panel and associated equipment.

The system operates by hydrostatically pressurising the cylinder to test pressure then checking for any leakage, decrease in pressure or visible deformation to determine pass/fail.

The panel is manufactured from mild steel with a hard wearing powder coat finish.

Compliant for testing to all relevant standards including BS EN1802, BS EN1968 and BS EN ISO18119 when used with our latest addition HY-PAC (Hydrostatic Pressure Automatic Cut-Off) to meet over–pressure control requirements.

System Features – Panel

  • 100:1 ratio hydropump 700 bar output rated (system max 500bar)
  • 6” Master Gauge (with option of UKAS traceable calibration)
  • Working Gauge
  • Isolation Valves and Vent Valve
  • Mini-Core (NEW) Small Bore Flexible HP Hose for Panel to Cylinder connection
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Automatic Cut-off, HY-PAC (Optional)
Hydrostatic test systems proof method


Part Number Description
HT03-S-001 Hydrostatic Test System, Proof Method
HT03-S-002 Hydrostatic Test System, Proof Method, c/w HY-PAC (UK Electrical Supply)
HT03-S-003 Hydrostatic Test System, Proof Method, c/w HY-PAC (Euro Electrical Supply)