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Hydrostatic Test Systems: Hydrostatic Pressure Automatic Cut-off

Hydrostatic Pressure Automatic Cut-off

To meet the control device requirements of standards such as BS EN ISO 18119 Octopus Test Systems developed HY-PAC (Hydrostatic Pressure Automatic Cutoff).

HY-PAC features a contact gauge to be fitted into the hydrostatic pressure circuit and a control box with solenoid valve fitted into the low pressure hydro pump air supply.

The contact gauge is set to the desired over pressure prior to testing. If during testing an over-pressure situation occurs the contact gauge will trip sending a signal to the control box which in turn closes the solenoid valve which isolates the LP air supply so stopping the hydropump from increasing the pressure any further.

The system also provides a significant advantage over conventional mechanical relief valves where the over pressure setting can be adjusted in seconds which is of particular benefit when dealing with multiple test pressures.

HY-PAC is a ‘fail-safe’ device so any loss of system power or failure to power up the device when testing means the air supply to the hydropump is isolated so no system pressure increase can occur.

HY-PAC is available as the Standard System for use when testing single SCUBA cylinders up to 15 litres or HY-PAC-Industrial which features a high flow solenoid valve when testing greater volume cylinders with larger hydropumps e.g. 50 litre Industrial Gas.