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Hydrostatic Test Systems

Hydrostatic Test Systems

For the hydrostatic testing of high pressure cylinders we provide complete system solutions for all requirements whether they require volumetric or proof pressure test methods for IDEST, ASSET, UKAS, DoT and all equivalent requirements globally.

Our jacket test systems can accommodate most cylinder sizes although we can also make jackets to suit specific cylinder requirements on request.

Each system comes with a test panel fitted with hydro pump, master and working gauges, burette and all associated connections.


We can also provide various other items such as cylinder test adaptors, quick release clamps, built-in over pressure devices etc..

The test jacket features a coned lid to allow easy removal of air trapped in the system, quarter turn valves for water in/out and burst disc assembly.

Our non-jacket test system features a larger test panel with several burettes dependant on range of cylinders to be tested with additional valves and connections to meet the requirements of non-jacket volumetric testing.